About Us 

We hold ourselves to an unparalleled standard of excellence and continue to improve daily.

Utilizing the knowledge of retail and restaurant architecture and design is critical to protect profits, ensure a great customer experience, and make everyday processes run smoothly. Quick Service Restaurant and Retail Design Group (QSR and R, LLC) exists to provide all of these tips, tricks, and architectural elements to retail business owners and restaurant owners, ensuring they’re able to make the most out of their physical location space. Our team has over a decade of experience working in the architectural industry and our mission is to collaboratively design and construct a business space that works best for you! We’re happy to take all our years of experience and put it towards creating the perfect space to conduct daily business.

Our process incorporates innovative, creative and comprehensive designs that address every aspect of the customer and employee experience. From the time an individual enters your commercial space to the time they leave, our firm’s goal is to ensure he or she feels comfortable and welcome. Let us help you tackle every aspect of your retail stores or restaurant’s design from the layout, to lighting, customer seating, heating and ventilation, and more! QSR and R, LLC provides an industry-leading level of service all the way from project inception to project completion. Schedule your own consultation with us right now and browse our website for more information on how we can help business owners in specific industries!

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Preliminary Design Phase

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Design Phase

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Bidding / Negotiations

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Construction Period Assistance